OC Homes Laiba celebrates 2 year milestone

4th April 2024 sees us celebrate the 2 year work anniversary of Laiba Khalil, our Property Manager! The central cog of the property management team, Laiba is the antipathy of calmness and logical thinking.

As part of our celebrations, Sunny our Marketing Manager at OC Homes sat down with Laiba and together they reflected on this great milestone:

Sunny: "Hi Laiba, congratulations on this achievement! Over the last 2 years, what do you feel has been your biggest achievement or accomplishment working at OC Homes?"

Laiba: "Wow 2 years really has flown by! For me the biggest acheivement has been gaining trust in landlords who initially may have had some reluctance of working with OC Homes... but now they love us!"

Sunny: "Primarily, you deal with landlords and tenants as part of your everyday tasks, what do you enjoy the most from this?"

Laiba: "Being a landlord or a tenant can throw up unexpected circumstances, like a water leak for example. For me actioning maintenance issues and repairs promptly and efficiently is of great satisfaction. These are the little things our landlords and tenants appreciate the most."

Sunny: "This certainly sounds like work keeps you busy.  Away from work, what are your interests or hobbies?"

Laiba: "I love learning new languages & travelling!"

Sunny: "Finally, how would you summarise your time, so far, working at OC Homes?"

Laiba: "Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time at OC Homes, we are like a small family and we are growing. Over the years we have won many awards and gained creditibilty and respect within the property industry, but I feel still there are many more achievements to gain!"

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